Participating in the Roundabout Europe residencies, is different for everyone. So we asked the different artists what it was like for them. In this blogpost, Léa Dant will tell what Roundabout Europe meant for her as artists and for the show she developed.

Léa DANT did residencies at Spoffin (The Netherlands) and Passage Festival (Denmark). She created a show with women from the countries the residency was held. “I had done this one time crazy project in 2018 in my home-country, France: create a performance with more than 30 women in less than 30 hours to show images of sisterhood in public space. I didn’t expect it to be more than that, but it was really powerful, so I decided to pursue and it became “Capital WOMEN” / “De femme à FEMMES”. My main expectation with applying for Roundabout Europe was to enable this project to become alive once again, and have more women benefit from the experience.”

A very incredible thing happened: Léa DANT came home speaking publicly about her wish to let this project come alive once again. The email that she was selected for Roundabout Europe was waiting for her. “My body answered before my mind as tears of emotion rolled down my cheeks. That summer, many tears also ran down the cheeks of no less than 29 women, that I created the performance with in the two countries. Sometimes, someone’s dream can make many others’ come alive.”

The days in Denmark and The Netherlands where very surprising. “I discovered alot of new aspects of my work. I met a lot of new people, especially the women participating. The bonds became very strong with some of them, to this day and the women stay connected also.” She also managed to touch her audience. “I had the wish to make an emotional and political impact through the performance in both festivals. I believe this happened, for the performers and for the public.”

The benefits of these residencies where huge for Léa. “I really enjoyed leading the creation, and having the opportunity to do it twice, in different contexts and cultures. I got to know my project more in depth. [...] I gained confidence in my ability to lead the creation as an ongoing process with a different outcome every time. And it broadened my horizons too, now I want to travel the world with Capital WOMEN, and am working in that direction!”

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