Last February, the festivals and artists participating in Roundabout Europe 2020 had a wonderful kickoff meeting in the Czech Republic. We talked about ambitions, expectations and most of all, we got to know each other a little better. We were all looking forward to a new season of residencies, great festivals and new creations.

Unfortunately, things are a little different this year. Countries are hit hard by the pandamic. Some of the festivals, like Imaginarious in Portugal and Spoffin in The Netherlands, cannot take place due to the virus. And even if they did take place, it will be difficult and maybe even unsafe for artists to travel around Europe. For some countries, theres a ban on public events, some festivals will take place in another, more local form.

As a result we have - after consulting the artists - decided to postpone the Roundabout Europe project to 2021. The residency and festival dates will probably stay around the same dates/weeks as originally intended, just a year later. The project will be finalized in September 2021, instead of September 2020.


We hope you all stay safe and we wish you all the best. We will keep updating this website with insights about Roundabout Europe or related to festivals and artists.