In the past eight months, for most of the street art professionals it's been nearly impossible to get together in real life. Luckily, we live in a day and age of great technology. That makes it possible to still meet up. One of the most recent meetings Roundabout Europe participated in, was FRESH STREET#4, an online event hosted by Circostrada, ARTCENA and FNAS. Around 80 festivals and organizers attended the presentation, most of them from important European festivals.

Zoom Meeting 2020-11-04 15-53-04_Trim from spoffin on Vimeo.

During this week long event, several subjects were discussed, including diversity and inclusivity, health and safety, artistic projects were pitched and performed and several European based project were presented. One of these projects was Roundabout Europe. Alfred Konijnenbelt gave a ten minute long presentation about what Roundabout Europe is and we talked about the artists participating.

At the end, there was apossibility what to ask questions. One of the questions was what we would change if we would follow up on Roundabout Europe in 2022. Alfred - coordinator of the project - told the audience that we already made a few changes during the second edition of Roundabout Europe. For further evaluation, we will meet with all the participating festivals at the end of 2021.

We ended the presentation with a small poll: if you are an organisation and you're approached to be part of Roundabout Europe in 2022, would you participate? Over 80 percent of the people in the audience said yes, about 14 percent is in doubt and the rest said no. How great is that to hear?