Spoffin and Greenwich+Docklands International Festival (GDIF) joined forces to give artists the opportunity to pitch their plans and ambitions for 2021. The five artists participating in this year's edition of Roundabout Europe, also presented their plans for next year during GDIF & Spoffin Outdoor Arts Online Pitch.

Because we joined forces with GDIF, we were able to present a digital pitching session. We welcomed nineteen artists who presented their plans for 2021. They off course did not just present the plans to each other, over 90 festival programmers, theater and art professionals tuned in to hear about their ambitions. 

The session took place over Zoom and was moderated by Angus Mackechnie (Executive Director, OAUK) to allow each artist time to pitch their project and then host a breakout space afterwards to have more intimate conversations with programmers. With a few minor technical hitches (have you tried running a pitching session over zoom before!?) the event was a success, with artists already receiving bookings.

For this first edition of GDIF & Spoffin Outdoor Arts Online Pitch, the organizations saw applications from Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Ireland, Iran, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and United States of America. Artistic director Alfred Konijnenbelt is pleased with the large number of applications: "We are very happy to gather so many people from all over Europe and beyond to share the beauty of outdoor arts!"

Amongst them were the five artists who participated in this year's edition of Roundabout Europe. We had to make some changes there, because some of the festivals were cancelled. Well get back to you on that in our next update. See you soon!

For a full breakdown of each project and to find out more info    you can access the downloadable Artist Dossier.

Download the full artist dossier
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