With residencies at Spoffin Festival (NL) and at Out There (UK), Elika Brtnick√° explored how to use architecture in a city as her stage. And not just the city: the people in it are just as important.

Eliska Brtnicka did one residency at Spoffin Festival in The Netherlands and one at Out There in the UK. The project focused on researching architecture as an aerial equipment to explore the matters of borders. She used several spots in both Amersfoort and Great Yarmouth - where the residencies took place. The places she focused on, were places where people do not want to go or are not allowed to.

With her residency, Eliska Brtnicka raises questions about bans, permission, borders, danger and responsibility. It opened up a whole new approach of working site-specific.


Eliska Brtnicka used some of her residencies to walk through the town trying to find the best places and the best points of view for potential audiences.  She learned a bit more how passers-by can react to her work.

The takeaway for Eliska Brtnicka

Eliska got inspired by other projects she has seen during her residencies and the festivals. Its inspiring to see how other artists develop, both in the project as well as at festivals. 

One of the most important things for Eliska Brtnicka was to meet a lot of new people, see new places and discover new festivals. Thanks to Roundabout Europe, it has been possible to achieve this. She discovered new parts of Europe, met fellow artists and a lot of professionals. 

She also learned how to organize her show in need for flexibility depending on the type of presentation place. She also learned more about how to deal with audiences, particularly passers-by.