Cristian Fierro and Gracie May Marshall did residencies at KoresponDance (Czech Republic) and Spoffin (The Netherlands). Theyve worked with Eva Campanaro and Antonio Arbues respectively.

This was a significant opportunity for them to be supported in both making work and getting to visit different types of festivals around Europe. The residency with artistic coaching was highly beneficial and had the most impact on both artists in helping support them in asking the right questions.

Transforming and adapting the show with new artist Antonio Arbues was a huge learning experience for Gracie May Marshall, for example, in how to find a language together as artists. Gracie made a really good connection with the other residency artist Etta and were able to support each other and share experiences during the residencies in person.

The two weeks at the Spoffin Festival were fantastic, with amazing facilities; it enabled Cristian Fierro and Evan Campanaro to use this time really effectively to create a completely different show version. KoresponDance reported the impressiveness of the performances of Fling by Gracie May Marshall and Antonio Arbues which received a really positive audience response.


The difference between the Out There Festival in Great Yarmouth and KoresponDance in the Czech Republic was huge.  You learn so much by presenting work to different audiences as well as visiting diverse places, including going to festivals that are not as well-known as others, says Gracie May Marshall, Artist 

Fling by Gracie&Cristian (IE/ES) - Performers Gracie May Marshall and Antonio Arbues worked remotely with Artistic Coach Jean Gaudin to help adapt the performance to outdoor conditions and could be presented at other European festivals in the coming months.