Great news for those who cannot wait for another street art festival! Imaginarius Festival starts today, although in a different form than usual. The festival will be held in the digital world.

The largest street art festival of Portugal will also take place in September, in physical form at Santa Maria da Feira. Its an important year for Imaginarius: the festival has existed for twenty years. This will be celebrated with the local, national and international artistic community, and with its audiences.

This year's theme will be The Myth and the Brand. Due to the pandemic, the format will be different. But Imaginarius showed yet again to be creative and innovative with this hybrid edition of the festival. It was out of the question not to organize our Imaginarius, which is an unquestionable showcase for the creativity and culture of Santa Maria da Feira, domestically and abroad, said Emídio Sousa, Mayor of Santa Maria da Feira. We are going to do it strategically, presenting a solution that will provide employment to the Culture Sector, which has been so devastated by the pandemic, while providing Culture to the people without jeopardizing public health. 

In September, the festival will take place in real life. The COVID measures will of course be maintained. 

For now, its time to enjoy the festival from home! Youll find the links below to celebrate this festival with us.

Go to the digital festival
Go to the English website of Imaginarius