Just three actors and a boat. Third Hand Group hopes to transform this small theatre into a big spectacle! The group is looking forward to be a part of Roundabout Europe.

We hope that this project helps us turn a new leaf in
our professional work. We look forward to 
getting professional feedback and coaching during our residency project.
Hopefully we will get a chance to play with many different audiences in
different countries and improve our show each time.

The development of our work is usually self funded and
it usually lasts at least a year before the project starts to become potentially
sustainable. We hope that with the help of Roundabout Europe this process will
be shorter and that The Boat will bravely sail around the globe in the coming

We try to make works that function simultaneously on
different levels so that they can be enjoyed by people from very different
backgrounds, educations, ages etc.. Part of this is starting with a simple
starting situations that has a kind of strong associative response and the potential
to trigger the imagination. For this performance the starting point was the
image of a young woman dragging a boat through the city.

Sailing on the high seas has always been a parable for
freedom and adventure. At the same time the sea is a place of uncertainty and
danger... What lies behind the horizon? Will we reach the promised shores, or
will we be stranded on the cliffs of a desert island? What do we do when we run
out of food and water? What if we accidentally drive over the edge of the
world? Of course, today we cannot avoid thinking of the thousands who really
cross the seas in small boats every day and risk their lives in the hope of a
better future.

We hope to transform the audience into the crew of
this small sailing boat and to make them the protagonists of the show taking
them on an urban odyssey through the city. They will face many challenges
including their own prejudices and selfishness but hopefully most of them will
survive with us to happily sail into the sunset.

We hope to discover a way to make a huge "theatre
spectacle" with just three actors and a small boat! But seriously, we want
to really involve the audience as the main protagonist of our show. We have
been interested in this kind of extremely interactive approach for the last few
years but we feel that we can really focus on it and discover some useful
working principles through working on The Boat project with the help of the
mentors, coaches and test audiences.

It is great that Roundabout made it possible to
participate in the residencies with our children. The nature of working in
different public spaces around Europe is often difficult to combine with the
demands of being a parent so we are very grateful that the organizers found a way
to help us make this a bit easier.

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