In this new blog, Maggie and
David from TwoMuch Circus will share what they want to learn from their time on
Roundabout Europe. And off course theyll tell us more about what their
upcoming show is about!

One of our objectives is to refine and to perform our new show Get Ready, using the support and the knowledge of our festival hosts as well as everyone involve in the project. We will deliver a creative piece which will introduce us into the market of street performances.


Another objective is to build up a network around Europe, which will increase our chances selling and showing our work, therefore gaining the trust of producers and directors. By making our company TwoMuch Circus more known we will assure potential performances and our future as performers, being able to create and to develop more work and further projects.


Making real contact 

Being part of the Roundabout Europe programme will give us the experience we need to make real contact with festivals and with the outdoors performances environment. This will help us the next time we have to approach festivals by ourselves.


Learning how to promote ourselves on social media and creating a dossier with professional coaching will increase massively our chances to reach more possible contractors. We really expect to keep the contacts we have already made at the kick-off meeting and keep working and growing with them.


What we hope to learn

The feeling of participation and community I've already tasted from this project has already taught how important it is to collaborate, listen and take part on social events. During the rest of the programme we hope to achieve the following:

- A stronger social media; learn what content is relevant and interesting to share and what people like to see.

- Create a system to make the most of our studio time and use it efficiently.

- Build and keep relationship with people of interest.

- Expand our networking, not only with potential contractors but also with other artists.

- Manage the tools to promote and sell our work, for instance having a good dossier and a clever and clear elevator speech.

- Pitch a concise company presentation.

- Learn about the outdoors market.

- Take the experience from how other people work and add those tools into my own resources.

- Experience on taking our show abroad (travelling with all the props).


About Get Ready

Get Ready is a two person 30 minutes outdoors show which talks about relationship, social conventions, human behaviour and love. After sharing more than 3000 breakfast together during the last 14 years, we explore what normality means and how it is represented. As part of nature, human beings are in constant change and development. We create mental habits to deal with the business of everyday life. A comfort zone we then rarely step outside of. This creates a phenomenon known as hedonic adaptation, a repetitive pattern of behaviour that stimulates no emotional response, through which we lose the fascination with life.


Get Ready will break the routine of banal everyday and put it back together again to show how captivating normal life can be if we break habits into something more irregular.


Taking the lead from our eagerness of keep changing everything constantly, we twist our everyday routine into a nonsensical group of actions, therefore getting dress, having breakfast and tidying the living room will never be the same as it was the day before.


Driving by juggling, physical theatre and comedy Get Ready is a celebration of everyday live and a very close look at our personal life, as it is our truly relationship the one which is exposed on the stage for the amused audience.


Passing through different situations and feelings, we go through a normal day in our lives, which is intense, challenging and in constant change. Using our own skills (not only the circus ones) we find a perfect balance between our needs, our desires and our passions taking the path of trusting each other, laughing sincerely and been always ready to catch a throw. 30 minutes show full of emotions, surprises and funny but real situations that we all pass through at some point in our lives.


Get Ready is a guided tour in our life.


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