The European Union has granted the application for co-financing of Roundabout Europe. Dutch street arts festival Spoffin is leader of this project, a collaboration of five European festivals who are joining forces to give outdoor theater a new impulse with a circuit of residencies and support for professional makers.

'The positive response from the EU makes it possible to let the first residencies take place next summer,' says artistic director Alfred Konijnenbelt of Spoffin, the international festival for professional street- and location theater in Amersfoort (NL). 'We expect to be able to offer significant support to both Dutch and foreign theater makers.'

Passage, Out There, Imaginarius and KoresponDance
Spoffin - this year from 23 to 26 August - already provides in annual residencies for talented outdoor artists. Roundabout Europe, a collaboration with the festivals Passage in Denmark, Out There in England, Imaginarius in Portugal and KoresponDance in the Czech Republic, offers additional possibilities with a circuit of residencies through Europe, exchanges of makers and their productions and providing artists professional support, training and coaching.

Roundabout Europe is about empowering artists to make their work professional, sustainable and economical profitable without losing artistic values. The five festivals want to stimulate the development of outdoor theater; increase the visibility of productions and its creators.

The new project offers residencies to five selected theater groups each year; each group visiting two festivals in different countries. In total, ten groups will participate in the circuit in the next two years. Candidates for Roundabout Europe can apply end this year with an artistic plan. If the project proves to be successful, the circuit may expand with another five festivals in 2020.

Konijnenbelt: 'Without the support of the Province of Utrecht, the municipality of Amersfoort and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds it would have been impossible to develop and submit this ambitious project plan.