Supported by the EU

The mission of Roundabout Europe is to encourage and maintain the circuit of residencies and festivals for outdoor arts in Europe. The aim is to create intercultural dialogues and cooperation that can help building a rich European cultural identity as well as open artists' perspective by giving them the opportunity to meet different artistic disciplines, audiences and cultures. Moreover, to empower artists to make their work more professional, self-critical, sustainable, economical and profitable without losing artistic values.

Each year 5 selected artists or artistic companies are invited to do 2 residencies in 2 different countries. Besides having time to work really focused on their projects, the artists are offered several workshops and coaching sessions: practical/artistic /inspirational (like inviting professionals from other sectors.

Every residency is 2 weeks long with an average number of 3 artists per residency. The results of the residencies are presented at the festivals of the hosting partners.